Консульство України в Единбурзі

, Київ 02:34

Open letter of Ambassador N.Galibarenko in response to the letter of Dr Robert McCrum, Associate Editor of The Observer concerning his article “Henry Marsh: 'Ukraine is like a Trabant that wants to be a Ferrari”, published in The Guardian, 26 November

01 грудня 2017, 16:03

Do you think that referring to the information in Wikipedia and words of some people is enough to evaluate the situation in a country like Ukraine?!


You call the situation in the East of Ukraine as “civil war” based on “many uniformed soldiers on the streets in Lviv, the presence of armoured vehicles on the local roads and the testimony of several surgeons you spoke with”. In this regard I can tell you that the soldiers you saw in Lviv (city in Western Ukraine) are those who fight in Donbas against 40000 of Russian occupying troops and their proxies. You will be able to see uniformed soldiers all around Ukraine as they come from and to Donbas on a rotational basis or to get medical treatment while defending my country. I am just curious… if you see uniformed soldiers in any other European city –  you then immediately think of a civil war taking place there?  

You are asking me about “alternative description for this kind of internal conflict”. There is none but a Russian military aggression. There are tons of evidence, including photo images, videos, and testimonies, of Russian soldiers, weapons and military hardware, including tanks, multiple rocket launch systems, finally Russian soldiers who have been captured in Donbas. According to the UN data Russian aggression has led to more than 10 000 people killed and more than 20 000 wounded. This number includes, in particular, 298 passengers of MH17 flight, including 80 children, killed as a result of terrorist attack on 17 July 2014, when the Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down by the Russian BUK missile system.

I believe that any fair and unbiased assessment should be based on facts and figures, rather than just “seeing soldiers in uniforms and talking to several doctors”.

In a view of the said above I don’t see any reason to once again comment on your judgements about “Euromaidan conflict” or “Antisemitism”. I can only hope that in your next pieces you will, as we say it in Ukraine, “dig deeper”…