Консульство України в Единбурзі

, Київ 02:18

Statement concerning the ban of entry to Ukraine imposed by the Security Service of Ukraine in relation to UK nationals Gary Hunt and Blake Aldridge (англійською мовою)

25 вересня 2017, 18:51

We welcome the Security Service of Ukraine’s decision to impose a ban from entering Ukraine for 5 years for UK nationals Gary Hunt and Blake Aldridge.

We would like to remind that this happened because Gary Hunt and Blake Aldridge illegally entered Crimea, the territory of Ukraine which was annexed by Russia, and on August 25, 2017 took part in "Freerate Cliff Diving World Cup".

We are very much sorry that such prominent divers have now their reputation harmed. But law is the law. They breached the official position of not only Ukraine but their own state which clearly says that It’s illegal under Ukrainian law to enter internationally recognised Ukrainian territory through a border point that isn’t currently controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.