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Comment of the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK with regard to "Daily Mail" article

13 червня 2017, 10:56

Comment of the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK with regard to Daily Mail article "The incredible moment a one-tonne World War Two bomb is blown up in a spectacular sea blast in Russia sending 100-FOOT waves into the air" dated on June, 12 2017



We remind "Daily Mail" and all Kremlin's mouthpieces that the whole civilized world imposed sanctions on Russia as punishment for its "land grab" of Crimea. And Britain was one of the first state who condemned shortly the bill signed by V.Putin to absorb the peninsula into Russia.

Under Ukrainian law, all acts operated by the Russian authorities on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, including all air and sea ports, - are illegal. 

Despite the provocative article of "Daily Mail", it achieves nothing and it would not assist Mr Putin to attract his fans or even avoiding the tougher Western sanctions till the time he chooses the path of return Crimea and de-escalation situation in eastern Ukraine.

We are clear: Crimea is Ukraine. And any breaches of international law will result in penalties. And we urge "Daily Mail" to remind its readers about the UK's strong position on Crimea and that sanctions against Russia remain unchanged.